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Sponsor My Plastic Surgery – The Search for Sponsorship and What People Want to Know

Sponsor My Pastic Surgery - the search for funding

With the rise in plastic surgery over the last few years having been made popular by celebs and reality TV, it’s not surprising to see 50 searches on Google last month for ‘sponsor my plastic surgery’.

It would seem that people who want to alter their appearance are looking at different ways to achieve that. And sponsorship is just one of those.

We love checking out what people are searching for around sponsorship and it’s great when our friends at Find Me on the Internet give us a list.

It often provides quite a debate, a few laughs and some raised eyebrows. And no, those eyebrows have not been raised by plastic surgery.

As well as plastic surgery it appears that people are also looking at ways to get their weddings covered.

According to a survey featured in the Independent, the average cost of a UK wedding is now £27,161. This is the highest it has ever been and an increase of 9.6 per cent from 2016. 

With those figures in mind it is hardly surprising to see ‘wedding sponsors’, ‘sponsor my wedding’ and ‘sponsor our wedding’ generate 50 searches of Google each month.

Its an expensive business and if you can get someone else to cover some of the costs, then more power to you.

While plastic surgery and weddings focus on individuals needs, it is heartening to see that good causes that require sponsorship top the chart of searches. ‘Sponsor a child’, ‘sponsor a puppy’, ‘sponsor a dog’, ‘sponsor an animal’, ‘sponsor a donkey’, ‘sponsor an elephant’, ‘sponsor a penguin’, ‘sponsor an orangutan’ and ‘sponsor eagle’ are the top nine most popular searches over the last month. 

Together they reached 9,720 searches.

Despite people hoping to get personal costs covered, these searches would hint that the majority of searches around sponsorship are for people looking to help and make a difference.

And that’s the thing with sponsorship. It covers every base in terms of requiring funding. From your local football team to your favourite TV programme, there is an opportunity for a company to sponsor it. This also applies to organisations that offer a huge public benefit such as charities, public services and social enterprises. 

In this era of austerity where many of our cultural, well being and educational institutions or public services are seeking huge cuts in government spending, sponsorship investment may be the most effective route for organisations to obtain revenue streams to plug the gap. Schools, universities, hospitals, local authorities, libraries and national parks all have a fantastic set of assets that, instead of being cut, could be invested in by a sponsor. 

As such, three things must happen:

1. Sponsorship opportunities must be made aware to the largest possible audience.

2. The benefits of sponsorship must be clearly articulated.

3. Organisations that require sponsorship must know how they can put themselves in the shop window.

Sponsorship may be the only way in which a public service stays open to the public or an organisation can survive – and that is where we at ninety-five can help.

So it is clear that people are searching for all kinds of weird and wonderful sponsorships, but what organisations must do is make sure that their own sponsorship offering is brought to the attention of those who may be looking to sponsor.