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Social Media – The gateway to business growth

Ninety-five has recently been commissioned by a new client to develop content strategy and messaging on social media. After just 3 weeks, the results are astounding. Our new client (starting from 0 Twitter followers), now has over 4,500 new Twitter followers, 4 million impressions and has been inundated with business enquiries – all within this 3 week period.

Social media has become the most important communication tool available to business – but only if it is harnessed properly. It is the gateway to increased awareness and potential new customers for businesses.

Social media has the ability to communicate with consumers in a two-way mirror of understanding format, develop a long-term following, directly engage with potential customers, and is able to quickly promote new products and services.

It’s also a lot more cost effective than traditional forms of advertising or PR. It is one of the only forms of media that can expose you to over 1,000 people for almost no cost.
Social media also has the ability to track results and target the exact audience for a business in a way that is beyond other forms of media.

But, to achieve all of this, the content strategy and the subsequent messaging has to be spot on. It must:-
a) reflect the values of the business.
b) engage with the right audience.

Too many businesses fall into the trap of delivering content and messaging on social media that may be important to them internally, but perhaps lacks a connected empathy with a wider audience. Instead, businesses must speak to their audience with content that is interesting, human and politely provocative. Do this, and the number of followers will grow. And critically, every follower is a captive audience and a potential customer.

Social media is the front of house for a business. When the right social media content and messaging is unlocked, it opens the door to potential engagement with a vast array of new customers.