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How McDonald’s Answer Chicken Nugget Pain Points.

McDonalds Chicken Nuggets

I was at the cinema the other night waiting for The Mountain Between Us (don’t ask) to start, when I was struck by a McDonald’s advert.It was for chicken nuggets and it directly answered some of the things people say about the product.

The advert started with two girls on a swing with one of them saying that McDonald’s put chicken feet in the nuggets. This soon spread, Chinese whisper style, with more outlandish and negative claims made about Jamie Oliver’s least-favourite snack.

Beaks, feet, innards and feathers. You know the sort of things people say about nuggets.

The advert gradually worked its way round a group of people before coming to a halt with a food quality inspector. In a few seconds he debunked the spurious claims made against the chicken nuggets and explained how they are made, as well as highlight what actually goes into them.

The advert then came back to the two girls on a swing with one of them eating a box of chicken nuggets. The girls who made the initial claim about chickens’ feet, after hearing from the food standards expert, asked her friend to try one.

In UX content development, especially with the work we’re doing for our clients, you normally aim to answer a pain point that is caused by an issue or general situation your customer has, for example a broken boiler meaning your family has no heat or hot water. You could even use the process to answer a pain point that is caused by one of your competitors.

The McDonald’s advert certainly addresses customer concerns that may persuade them to buy the product, and if it were present during the buying process (e.g. on the website/app etc) it would be part of the UX.

What the advert did well, though, was to address customer concerns to persuade them to carry on through a journey e.g. go into their nearest McDonald’s and buy some chicken nuggets.

Directly taking on, and answering, criticisms (pain points) aimed at one of your own products, and then provide the solution and the social proof to back it up, is an innovative use of advertising.

Verdict: I’m Lovin’ It